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A collection of Gorilla Services Fire Suppression Trailer's & Truck's

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Fire Foam Truck
fire trailer
Fire Suppression back view
Fire Suppression side view
Our work


Gorilla Services Inc. Is located in Fort Saint John Canada and was founded by Richard Middleton in 2013.

When I started this company, I was a young opportunist always looking for new ideas that could benefit the oil and gas sector. Originally from Richmond B.C and the Okanogan, I moved to Fort Saint John Nov 2011, in search of greener pastures. As a mechanic by trade, I have always had an eye for opportunity. I first started the industry as a well tester, and what an experience it was. But fortnightly for myself, my supervisor at the time (Paul Bernard) R.I.P, was from my home town, and so we hit it off right away. Before long Paul introduced me to a couple friends of his, Troy and Tyler Hillary, who owned Nitrous Services. We became friends, and before long, I was working for Nitrous Services, in my field of expertise, a mechanic. For several years I travelled to all Nitrous operating sites and repaired all types of Well Servicing equipment, towers and generators.

 During my time in the field, and supervising the company’s Fleet Program, I notice that they had these great light towers/generator cell towers, unfortunately the cold Northern Winters had the equipment running nonstop, around the clock. In most cases, this equipment would run out of fuel, stopping productivity immediately, not including down time to get the engines running in the cold temperatures.  I saw a great opportunity here, so I proposed to the owner, that to assist in the elimination of engines running out of fuel, I could supply the company with an immediate solution to the problem. Immediately after proposing the solution, I began designing 500 gallon and 1000 gallon portable powered fuel stations that plumbed right into the existing set up’s, and allowed these machines to run for 15 to 30 days without being re-fueled. These portable fuel stations were also used for fueling machines on site.  It was at this point in my life that the company known as Gorilla Services Inc. was born. 

During the summer of 2015, it was very hot in temperature, and had very little rain fall. This caused many forest fires to outbreak, and lots of land was lost, not only to farmers, but Oil and gas companies who couldn’t get access to their sites. Realizing I could assist the northern Oil and Gas sector, from Welders working on pipelines, to egress fire suppression, I started researching required legislation and talked with potential customer’s needs and requirements. I realized that fires in our climate cannot always be suppressed with water alone, which all the companies in Northern BC were doing. So I took it upon myself to design the industry leading, enclosed Fire suppression stations that would meet and exceed industrial standards. These units are designed are equipped for 365 day use, with all of the harshest environments known to the region. Introducing The Peace Country’s, most well equipped, fire foam suppression system.

The new standard of safety.



SS2 Site 8 Comp 1

Fort St. John B.C


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